* Manifesting Family PEACE*

Parenting Alive! offers parent coaching services designed just for you based on a Conscious, Mindful and Peaceful parenting paradigm.

Parenting Alive! is for parents who want to create deep connections with their children, while still setting  limits that peacefully stick.

Parenting Alive! is for parents who want to thrive in their parenting, creating change for themselves, their children and their family. 

About Sandra:

Hello Wonderful Parents!  My name is Sandra.  I have been an educator for twenty years.  I taught second and fifth grade classrooms as an Elementary Education Teacher.  Following this, I taught children from Birth to 21 years as a Special Education Teacher.  Also, as a School Counselor, I utilized play therapy techniques with children and their families to help them develop self-awareness and coping skills.  I have a Master’s of Science in Education degree as well as a Certificate in Advanced Study in Counseling.  I am also a Certified Parenting Coach.

My passion is to help children to grow toward their highest potential.  And, I’ve decided that the best way I can help this happen in our world is to teach parents how to do this.  With this in mind, I also believe in each parent’s ability to develop themselves toward their own highest potential.

My program, Parenting Alive!, is designed uniquely for each parent and each family.  If you are a parent who is compassionate about your children and you want the best for them, then Parenting Alive! is for you.

About Parenting Alive!:

In my Discovery Program, we will work together for ten weeks.  You will learn tools to support a deep connection with your children while learning to set limits, based on your values, that peacefully stick.  You will find that you’ll experience a transformational change within yourself and your relationships.

Following your completion of the Discovery Program, other services are available.  These are tailored according to each family’s interests and needs.

I am also available to speak to public groups for training.

To start, contact me today at info@parentingalive.com to schedule a free Discovery Session.  It doesn’t matter where you live; parent coaching can be transformational in person, by phone or via Skype.

Parent Coaching:

Is NOT therapy or counseling.  It is NOT for diagnosing or for treating any diagnosis.

It IS for guiding, teaching, encouraging and supporting you as the parent.

It IS for helping you to discover a new way of living life that is grounded in peace.

It IS for believing in you – all that you have to offer to yourself, your child, and your family!

Parent Coaching is for building you up towards your highest potential!

What other parents are saying:

“Parenting Alive! with Sandra has been life changing, not only for myself but also for my children.  This program has guided me, giving me avenues to discovering my beliefs, where they came from and how to change them to better myself and my relationships – both personally and professionally.  Communication with my children has improved as well as quality time, understanding and cooperation.  Overall peace and happiness increased in our lives as our relationships strengthened.  Parenting Alive! gave me tools to figure me out and the tools to then create change in my personal relationships.  Sandra was a coach whom I felt very safe with.  I felt that she truly cared about my family and our future.  It was evident that, not only is this way of life a part of her life, but a passion for her to see other families grow through this process.  Truly thankful…PJ from Florida”

My mission is to add peace to this world – one family at a time. 

Let’s make a difference in this world, together! 

I invite you to schedule your free Discovery Session by emailing me at info@parentingalive.com today.

I look forward to helping you make a transformation! 

~ Sandra